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A year ago today ... this is going to be a recurring theme

It's good to look back. It shows you how far you have come since then. After a Oromorph filled night they took me down to surgery and for the first time as an Adult I was given that countdown and was instantly back in the room. The good news, for the first time in a day and a half, both sets of toes were pointing the same way. In that drug addled way that you do I gave every totally dedicated individual who had enabled this to happen for me a massive thumbs up. Our NHS and the people who work in it, is awesome. From the person who picked me out of the snow to the genius with the drills and spanners ... awesome.

I had been fitted with an external fixator to stablise my fracture. I was told there's about £10,000 worth of carbon fibre tube and some fine metal alloys there, for all to see. The foundations are the 2 bolts screwed into my shin bone, above the break, and the one screwed into the top of my foot, just above my big toe. I could understand how they worked. Holding my body in place. My break was similar to the way the branch of a tree might be twisted and ripped in an attempt to break it off. Twisting my toes back where they should have been reattached the bark of my Tibia and Fibula. The (2) bolts either side of my heel took a few more days before I realised they were not screwed into my heel from each side like the others. That bolt through my heel was a bolt through my heel !

Day 2 of my long way back. Did I mention my toes are pointing the right way :-)

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