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A year ago today ...

After the daily nil by mouth false alarms and a seemingly ever increasing interest in the state of my "lovely bottom" by the nurses, I was taken down to theatre for the second time. I was out for the count for 6 hours. 1 hour of which while they fished around inside my leg removing bits of bone before they pinned me back together and right there I gained the nickname Robocop for the rest of my days. Every day in the canteen at work I am greeted with "Ee up Robocop" The amazing Ilizarov Frame....this will hold my bones in place so they can begin the process of knitting back together. Thank heavens for Tramadol, a pain reliever extraordinaire, the side effects amazing. I had lots of lovely visitors during the day while in Hospital and lots of lovely totally imaginery visitors during the night, not a moments peace.

I have turned from being a fully functioning self contained human being, into a totally helpless wreck. How much of 2018 am I going to lose?

The best question I was asked about the frame was "Do you take it off at night?" When I explained that the wires go right through to the other side he made a face like Munch's "The Scream" :-)

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