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A year ago today...

28th February 2018. I had a really bad cold and booked myself in for an appointment at my Doctors. The so called "Beast from the East" had arrived overnight and everywhere was thick with snow. 10:40am that appointment. I came out of my house and thought it is too dangerous to drive, I'll walk the Doctors is just around the corner...

I never made it !

I fell in the snow [from standing height the discharge certificate said] breaking my left Tibia and Fibula in a nasty spiral complete break just above my ankle. I lay there not daring to move. "Are you OK?" came the shout from a Mother and Son playing snowball over the way. "No it's broken"

As the snow gently fell on my face my only thought was... "What will happen to my Landscape Photography if I loose my left foot?"

It was Day 1 of the long way back

That knee of mine doesn't line up with my toes

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